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Fundamentals of Distillation Part I Principles - Course No, 208

Distillation principles, the distilation column, continous and batch distillation, mass balance , temperature, pressure and composition

Plain Bearings - Course Number 6

The basics of plain bearings.

Reading Engineering Drawings =Course No. 109

Reading and interpreting mechanical arrangement, detail drawings, and piping arrangement drawings.

Temperature Measurement – Thermocouple Theory -Course No. 110

The theory of common types of Thermocouples.

The Basics of Finance & Accounting for Entrepreneurs

What entrepreneurs need to get up to speed quickly on the basics of business finance and accounting

Temperature Measurement – Scales and Conversion - Course No. 39

Explanation of the Centigrade, Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Rankine temperature scales.

Material Handling - Crane and Hoist Signals - Course No. 22

How to give and receive crane and hoist signals.