WELDING Oxyacetylene Cutting & Tacking - Course No. 11

Basics of oxyacetylene cutting and tacking equipment and it setup.

Course No. 11                                       4 hours

Welding –Oxyacetylene Cutting & Tacking                                         

Types of oxyacetylene  flames; equipment, including welding torch, tips, hoses and pressure regulators; gas cylinders; cylinder and working pressures; and operating procedures such as opening cylinders, adjusting working pressures, lighting a torch, adjusting the  flame, and shutting off the torch.  A practical performance test to measure the ability of the trainee and a checklist for the examiner are included.

Caution:(Oxyacetylene  equipment  and supplies are hazardous. Serious injury, fire and explosion can result from unsafe conditions  or improper  use. This is a course  for self-instruction; however, a trainee  must not handle any oxyacetylene  equipment  without specific direction and control by a supervisor.)

Prequisites: Familiarity with the terms pressure, temperature, psi, and °F.

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