The Basics of Finance & Accounting for Entrepreneurs

What entrepreneurs need to get up to speed quickly on the basics of business finance and accounting

Basics for entrepreneurs that need to get up to speed quickly on the basics of business finance and accounting.This book is also for those, at all levels in organizations, who are interested in becoming more knowledgeable about the basics of finance and accounting. It explains implications of business decisions financial performance and cash management.

 Topics covered include:

  • How decisions at all levels impact the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.

  • How earnings are calculated.

  • The impact of working capital changes on financial performance.

  • The importance of operating cash flow.

  • How capital expenditures and other decisions impact a company’s ability to pay its bills.

  • Why a company can be profitable and still have trouble paying its bills.

  • How payment terms can help or hurt cash flow.

  • Why it makes sense to write off bad debt and unusable inventory.

  • The difference between amortization and depreciation.

  • How depreciation reduces earnings but improves cash flow.

  • The implications of capitalizing a cost versus expensing it.

  • Why an increase in selling price always increases earnings more than an equivalent increase in sales volume.

This course is an excellent way to help new hires learn the basic financial elements of a business. It is also a great way to help a new supervisor make the transition to management. Thinking about sending employees to a basic financial training seminar? Try this first, it may be all they need. At the very least it will supercharge what they get out of the course.


Prerequisites - knowledge of basic math and a very general understanding of business operations. 


Package includes a 150+ page workbook totaling 30 hours of instruction, plus a multiple choice tests, a job performance check list and an Administrator's guide.