Boiler Operation – Monitoring Boiler Conditions - Course No. 96

The characteristics of normal furnace and boiler conditions based on flame observation an instrument readings.

Course No. 96

6 hours

Boiler Operation – Monitoring Boiler Conditions

Identification of normal furnace and boiler conditions by observation of flame appearance and instruments; determination of normal and abnormal excess air by appearance of flame and by observation of O2, CO2 meters, or steam flow-air flow meter; and variations, if any, of boiler conditions with load changes such as: boiler exit gas temperature, feedwater flow, feedwater temperature, CO2 and O2, steam flow-air flow, furnace draft, boiler outlet drag and windbow or undergrate air pressure, boiler water level, etc.

Prerequisites: Ability to interpret simple sketches; basic physics; a basic knowledge of combustion; and knowledge of the basic parts of a steam generating unit.

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