Pipe Fitting- Pipe and Fitting Identification -Course No. 8

Identification of common wrought iron pipe and identification and selection of pipe fittings.

Course No. 8

14 hours

Pipe Fitting – Pipe and Fitting Identification

Section A: Identification and selection of common wrought  pipe; use of common pipe handbook  tables to select  pipe by nominal pipe size; iron pipe size; schedule  number; standard, extra strong, and double  extra strong units of wall thickness; uniform and random lengths; and methods  of making pipe. Section B: Identification and selection of pipe fittings. Identification of screwed and welded fittings and flanges is taught  by nominal size, end connections, and specific type, through the use of illustrations; selection is taught  through the use of single-line piping sketches.

Prerequisites: Ability to use simple arithmetic.


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