Plant Mathematics – Reading and Preparing Simple Graphs - Course No. 78

How to read and prepare various types of bar and line graphs.

Course No. 78

20 hours

Plant Mathematics – Reading and Preparing Simple Graphs

The reading and preparation of simple bar and line graphs. Bar Graphs: recognition of the parts of a bar graph, identifying bars and reading their value; interpolation  of values between scale  divisions; selection  of the proper  bar graph based on content; preparation of simple  bar graphs  in both vertical and horizontal position, including selection and ordering of data, setup of scales, and drawing the bars; use of interrupted  amount  scale  for clarity; and reading and  preparing component  bar graphs. Line Graphs: identification of scales on line graphs; point  coordinates  and the proper way to write them; determining  the  value of a missing coordinate given one coordinate and curve; the concept  of positive and negative coordinates; reading values  from curve families and multi-scale graphs; plotting points with both positive and negative coordinates; recognition that  two points do not determine  curve shape; requirements  for and setup of scales; preparation of smooth curves from raw data; and use of curve families and multi-scale graphs.

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