Gears and Gearing – Bevel Gears - Course No. 76


Course No. 76

6.5 hours

Gears and Gearing – Bevel Gears

Identification of bevel gears, their dimensions, and how to measure them; similarities and differences among spur, helical, and bevel gears; diametrical pitch and pitch diameter of bevel gears and how to find them by formula; pitch line, apex, pitch angle, pitch cone, and shaft angle of bevel gears; relationship between pitch angle and shaft angle, and use of the formula to determine them; cone distance of bevel gears and its importance in meshing of this type of gearing; “mating” pairs of gears; gear ratios and speed ratios of bevel gears, and the use of formulas to determine them; identification of miter gears and how they differ from bevel gears; direction of rotation of bevel-type gearing; spiral bevel and spiral miter gears and how they differ from bevel and miter gears; the “hand” of spiral bevel gears and how to determine it; thrust of bevel type gears and how to determine it; “mounting” distance and alignment of bevel gearing; three major types of misalignment in bevel-type gearing; and how to use a catalog of stock bevel and miter gears.

Prerequisites: Ability to perform simple arithmetic calculations and to read simple engineering drawings. Knowledge of spur gears, gear ratios, gear installation and helical gears.

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