Level Measurement – Buoyancy Displacers - Course No. 34

The principles of using buoyancy to measure level, the associated devices and their use.

Course No. 34

5 hours

Level Measurement – Buoyancy Displacers

Concepts  of buoyant  force and its effect on an immersed object; principles  of tubular buoyancy  displacers; the  effect of buoyant  force on net weight at different immersions and different liquid densities; the relation  of displacer  net  weight  to liquid level, and calculations  involving  these  variables; the principles of seals as applied to buoyancy displacers  in pressurized vessels; concepts of liquid interface and the application of buoyancy  displacers  on its measurement; good  installation  practices  for buoyancy displacers; isolating the buoyancy  displacer  from turbulent  liquid; safety aspects of maintaining  buoyancy  displacers  in the process; and considerations of temperature effect on buoyance  displacers.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with sight and float instruments.

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