Writing A Job Safety Analysis - Course No. 206


Corse No. 206

4 hours

Writing A Job Safety Analysis

Training for plant personnel in the fundamentals of writing a job safety analysis. Topics covered include: purpose of a JSA; parts of a typical JSA form; listing steps in order; relevance of information; sources of information; identifying hazards, using "What if?" in identifying potential for injury; and tying together hazards; potential for injury with hazard control and safe procedures and the role of continuous improvement in JSAs.

Working proficiency of safe work procedures, hazard analysis and control. 

This program is a training aid for use in teaching the basic principles associated with the proper preparation and use of a Job Safety Analyses (JSAs). Additional knowledge and skills are necessary to actually prepare JSAs and safely perform work using them. It is up to the trainer administering this program to make sure the necessary knowledge and skills are in place before the trainee prepares and uses JSAs as part of normal work activity.