Process Quality Control - Basic Quality Control Charts - Course No. 201

Setting up and using quality control charts

Course No. 201

4 hours

Process Quality Control – Basic Quality Control Charts

After completion the student should be able to perform the following tasks:1. Plot and maintain a regular quality control chart and Shewhart (X, R ) quality control charts; 2. Determine the maximum and minimum values for the vertical (value) axis of a chart and determine what type of units should be displayed on the horizontal (time or batch #) axis;  3. Calculate 95% and 99.7% confidence limits for regular quality control charts or Shewhart level (X) control charts; 4. Calculate 99.7% confidence limits for a Shewhart range (R) quality control chart; 5. Identify when data goes outside the control limits and a process correction is indicated.

Prerequisites:The ability to calculate an average, calculate a standard deviation and read and prepare simple graphs.

Self-study format