Centrifugal Pumps - Course No. 119

Principles and operating characteristics of centrifugal pumps and the identification and function of their parts.

Course No. 119

9 hours

Centrifugal Pumps

Operating  characteristics  and identification of  parts of centrifugal pumps; flow-through pump; mechanical and packing seals; seal flush; parts of an impeller, identification of impellers; discharge  pressure  versus flow; power requirements  versus flow; effect of specific gravity on power requirements; multistage  operation; methods of priming centrifugal  pumps; operating characteristics  of  self-priming centrifugal  pumps; types of oil lubrication; grease-lubricated  bearings; bearing housing temperatures; and cavitation and gassing of centrifugal pumps.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with terms used to indicate temperature, pressure, and flow (°F, psig, pph, etc.). Ability to add and subtract whole numbers.

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