Plant Mathematics – Right Angle Trigonometry - Course No. 114

Solving for unknowns in right triangles using the rules of trigonometry.

Course No. 114

8 hours

Plant Mathematics – Right Angle Trigonometry

Solving for unknowns in right triangles using the rules of trigonometry: recognition that  a triangle has three sides and three  angles; that a right angle  contains 90°; that a right triangle must have one right angle; that the square of the hypotenuse equals  the sum of the squares of the other  two sides; and that the sum of the angles is 180°. Also covered are: the definition of the side opposite and the side adjacent   to an angle; definition and use of sine, cosine, and tangent functions; and how to handle  any  triangle  using rules of right angle trigonometry.

Prerequisites: A knowledge of  basic mathematics and the ability to use tables of squares and square roots.

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