Chain and Sprockets – Sprockets and Drives - Course No. 112

Identification, characteristics use and maintenance of chain and sprocket drives.

Course No. 112

12 hours

Chain and Sprockets – Sprockets and Drives

Identification of roller chain sprockets; dimensions and measurement; styles and strands of sprockets; four standard types of sprockets; split and taper-lock sprockets; pitch and pitch diameter of sprockets; basic rules for meshing; standard and ASA sprockets; three major sprocket diameters and how to find them using tables; sprocket catalogs and how to use them for finding and identifying sprockets; sprocket and speed ratios for single- and multiple-reduction chain drives; exercises in finding number of teeth and speeds of drive and driven sprockets by use of simple formulas. Also explained are speed-increasing drives; direction of rotation of sprockets; idler sprockets; chain “wrap”; sag and tension; relationship between taut and slack side and direction of rotation in chain drives; how to measure chain sag and how to correct chain tension; installation and alignment procedures; procedure for dismantling a chain drive; use of chain-breaking tools; principles and standard types of roller chain and sprocket lubrication; cleaning and storing of chains and sprockets; and safety rules for their operation and maintenance.

Prerequisites: Ability to perform simple arithmetic calculations and to read simple engineering drawings. Knowledge of roller chains, spur gears, gear ratios, and gear installation.

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