Classroom Instruction & Self-Study Learining

These training modules are written in small, well illustrated, easily understood segments with several questions at the end of each segment to test understanding. Answers to the questions are provided on separate Answer Sheets and can be use by the trainee for either immediate feedback or held by the instructor for later review. Information is highlighted in supplemental margin notes. Special type faces and arrows draw the trainee's attention to especially important information and clarifying comments. Key information is further reinforced in the segment questions to ensure understanding before moving on to new material.


At the end of the end of each course book is a set of Review Questions which allow the trainee to test their understanding and review the content. The answers to these questions are included in the Answer Sheetsthat come with the course. There is also a separate Completion Exercise for verifying the trainee's understanding of the course material. Answers to the Completion Exercise are included in an Administrator's Guidewith is part of the package. 


These coursed also includes a Demonstration Exercise for evaluating the trainee's mastery of the content in the workplace.


This training format is being used effectively in both the classroom and in self-study environments. A number of apprenticeship programs and community colleges are using these programs for classroom instruction. Industrial plants most often use them as self-study modules. 


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