Gear and Gearing – Gear Installation - Course No. 66

Gear installation, removal, handling and maintenance.

Course No. 66

9 hours

Gear and Gearing – Gear Installation

Section A: Identification of pitch point, center distance, clearance, and backlash; how to determine the correct center distance and clearance for sets of gears by means of formulas; how to find correct backlash; how to measure clearance and backlash by means of gauges; gear alignment and basic steps in correct alignment of spur gears; and identification of misalignment in a set of gears. Section B: Handling and storing of gears; precautions for protecting gears from damage; tolerances in gear dimensions; procedure for fastening gears to shafts; basic six-step procedure to follow when installing a set of gears, including cleaning, checking dimensions, fastening to shaft, alignment, lubrication, and checking actual operation; procedure and use of tools for removal of gears from shafts; and safety rules to follow when working with gears and/or shafts.

Prerequisites: Ability to perform simple arithmetic calculations using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; and ability to read simple engineering drawings. Knowledge of spur gears and gear ratios.

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