Thermal Insulation - Pipe and Fittings - Course No. 14

Basics of application of thermal insulation for pipe and pipe fittings.

Course No. 14

25 hours*

Thermal Insulation – Pipe and Fittings

Identification and application of thermal  insulation for pipe and fittings. Principles of heat flow and purpose of thermal  insulation; properties of common insulating materials; accessory  materials; selection of materials; techniques  for applying high, medium and  low temperature  insulation; various types of finishes and protective  coverings. Twelve field exercises are included in this course. The facilities and materials required  for the performance of each exercise and an examiner’s scoring sheet  for each performance are described in detail.

Prequisites: Familiarity with the physical appearance of industrial  piping.

*Field exercises take an additional  25 hours.

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