207-46.2 Pressure Relief Valves, Testing & Repair

Procedures and percautions for testing pressure relief valves. Troubleshooting, cleaning and repair.

Course Number 207-46.2

Pressure Relief Valves, Testing & Repair

2 hours of instruction

How to identify which PRVs are tested in place and which are removed for testing. Procedures and some precautions for testing a valve in place. The purpose of a manual lift. The use of a test gag. Some basic safety requirements for PRV bench testing. Bench testing procedures for PRVs.

Prerequisites -  Satisfactory completion of Course Number 207-46.1. Understanding of pressure, basic mechanical and pipefitting skills

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This program is a training aid for use in teaching the basic principles associated with pressure relief valves. It is up to the trainer administering this program to make sure the necessary knowledge and skills are in place before the  trainee uses this knowledge as part of normal work activity.




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